Gorąca latynoska Fiesta w Manuarte! Zapraszamy w każdy piątek i sobotę od 22:00! sprawdź szczegóły

A place full of flavor, music and art.

Come with me on a unique trip through temperamental Havana. Discover unique Latin flavors, try tropical cocktails and enjoy hot rhythms during these unique parties.

You will find all this in Manuarte.

In the historic building of the former power station, on the Manufaktura market square in Łódź, Agustín Egurrola created an extraordinary place. A place that is the fulfillment of his dream of a unique artistic space full of Latin music, flavors and art.

Agustín created Manuarte to bring to Poland a part of what has a special place in his heart: Cuba.

The atmosphere of Old Havana and its colorful streets, the interior of the luxurious Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana with a casino where, among others, he gambled. Al Capone, the blue stairs of the La Valle Palace or the beautiful mosaic of the capitol: all this was Agustín’s inspiration when creating both the concept and the interior design of Manuarte. You will find some of all these places in our interiors, full of authentic souvenirs from Cuba.

Come to Manuarte: learn about Cuban legends related to Flora, the goddess of spring and flowers, admire the brilliance of the original crystal chandelier that hung years ago in the National Casino of Cuba in Havana and see a beautiful painting by the painter Cuban Frank González Martínez.

Discover the magic of Cuba

Manuarte is a place full of Cuban character, created to introduce you to Latin cuisine, culture and art.

The unique El Show, hot parties with live music, authentic flavors of Latin cuisine, masterfully served cocktails and desserts full of exotic notes will make you feel in Manuarte as if you were in a hospitable Cuban home.

Here, thanks to many original souvenirs, you will also learn incredible stories directly from Cuba and experience moving moments thanks to the wonderful local artists and their works of art.

You can also take home a piece of this unique Cuban art in the form of beautiful paintings that we present in our art gallery.