Najgorętsze taneczne Fiesty w Łodzi! Zapraszamy w każdy piątek i sobotę od 21:00. Feel the latin vibe!   Sprawdź szczegóły

El Show

Dance performance and entertainment by Agustin Egurrola

Agustin Egurrola

Creator of choreography for the largest artistic and stage ventures in Poland, twelve-time Polish Champion in ballroom dancing. He has been collaborating with stars of the Polish and world scene for years. Media personality, juror of television programs. Out of love for dance, he founded Egurrola Dance Studio – a network of professional dance schools in Poland, where thousands of people pursue their passions.


A lover of art and artistic expression with a passionate Latin American soul – he was looking for a place to fulfill his visions for a long time. Wanting to share the world of his Latin inspirations, he created Manuarte.

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A new dimension of entertainment – El Show by Agustin Egurrola

El Show is the heart of Manuarte and the realization of Agustin Egurrola’s dreams of spectacular entertainment at the highest level.

Hot shows with the best dancers in thrilling choreographies will delight guests. Moving staging, a bold and innovative approach to the use of space for artistic presentations will certainly make this show unique.

We will provide our guests with entertainment that until now was known to most only from television shows or world dance revues. Surprise, dynamize, stimulate the imagination – these are the assumptions of the artistic vision of El Show performances created for Manuarte by Agustin Egurrola.

You cant miss it!
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