Gorąca latynoska Fiesta w Manuarte! Zapraszamy w każdy piątek i sobotę od 22:00! sprawdź szczegóły

Latin culinary art

Try dishes full of flavors and colors

A place full of flavor

A place full of flavor

Discover our unique dish suggestions that will take you on a journey through the undiscovered flavors of Cuba. They will take you to the sunny Caribbean islands, where traditional Latin flavors intertwine with contemporary international cuisine.


Santa Marta

Feel like you are in a hospitable Cuban home – full of music, joy and dance. Taste dishes inspired by aromatic Caribbean cuisine and discover new fascinating flavors.

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Cafeteria & Bar

Habana Vieja

Be amazed by the casual atmosphere of the place – try Caribbean snacks, enjoy signature drinks, tropical desserts and original Cuban coffee.

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Buena Vista

Let beautiful and spacious interiors emphasize the unique character of the event you are organizing. And a private bar and elevator will ensure discretion for your guests.

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